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Hi, why do tattoos fade?

QuestionsHi, why do tattoos fade?

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Hi, why do tattoos fade?
Submitted by: Jess
12 months ago
1 Answers
Barber DTS

answered 12 months ago

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Hi Jess, tattoos do not fade, but the skin that covers them changes over time. Tattoo ink is applied under the top layer of skin, therefore the intensity appears less after healing because there is a layer of skin over it. You can think of it as looking through a window. The thinner and more transparent the glass (i.e. the skin), the more intense the effect. If you take little care of the skin above your tattoo and expose it to sunlight and other environmental influences, the skin underneath will be less intense. Therefore, you should always use Sunblock when you go out in the sun and make sure that you regularly care for the skin above your tattoo. Also, the sun can cause the pigments in the skin to react, which can change their colour. This is why shade and sunblock are tattooed people’s best friends.

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